About Our Art

Our minimalist still life images of natural and found objects are studies of texture, form and color made with the intent to bring this beauty to the forefront, creating a peaceful, contemplative atmosphere through balanced design and interplay of light...a zen-like environment.

Our work is a result of shared ideas. Gayle brings together the elements that make up each design and together we create the composition and the lighting. All still life work is done in our studio. The process might take hours, or days, or weeks to reach the perfect balance. At that point, Glen photographs the end result with a large format studio view camera.

The landscape work is about the feel and mood of the surroundings when capturing the image. It's about getting to the heart and soul of what is around us in an impressionistic way... special places, if only in our minds. Hand made texture layering into the initial image through the computer, is what takes each piece to a special place. The dimensions within the medium of photography have grown. Digital technology, when used correctly, can expand it’s potential.

Adam takes a different approach to portraying the world around us, focusing in on the details and elevating the often overlooked to new levels through his own sense of color and design.

We personally print our own work. This allows us the total control necessary  to produce the best image possible. The prints are made on the finest heavyweight textured watercolor paper available which we feel compliments the natural, organic nature of our work. All materials are archival and the work is printed in limited editions.

Along with the framed options below, prints are available matted and print only. Check individual images for their specific options. Custom sizes can also be made to fit your needs. Just email or call and we can discuss.

20"x20" Float mount framed print

20"x20" Float mount framed print

Float Framed Prints

We use this framing technique for our still life work. It allows for the beautiful textured watercolor paper to be seen and not hidden under a mat. It also allows the hand torn deckle edge of the print to show which we feel adds to our natural, organic images. The frame is a brown/black "coffee" color wood frame with a 1" face and 2 1/8" depth. The glass is "conservation clear" providing uv protection. The back of the frame is finished with a black dust cover and wire ready for hanging.

24"x36" Float framed panel

24"x36" Float framed panel

Float Framed Panels

This work is presented with images printed on textured watercolor paper mounted to hard wood panels. The panels receive a hand applied top coat of an acrylic medium for protection from the elements. The frame is a black wood float frame with wire ready for hanging. Panels are signed on the front and signed, titled and numbered on the back. The landscape, still life and abstracts are available on panels. This presentation has a little more contemporary look and eliminates the reflection issues of glass.

36”x 48” Float framed still life panel.

36”x 48” Float framed still life panel.


8" x 8" Framing

The 8"x 8" Arches watercolor print is framed shadowbox style with the print spaced 1/2" behind the glass for added dimension. The frame is a black wood frame with a 3/4" face and 1 1/4" depth. Both the landscape and still life work are presented in this style.